Urgent Healthcare Strategic Solutions

  • Tired of being fire-person in chief?
  • Facing a defining moment in your career?
  • Need to make breakthrough progress now?

When You Need Urgent Healthcare Strategic Solutions:

Take a personal weekend leadership retreat with Dr. Cohn

Now, more than ever, your organization needs someone who can make sense of disruptive changes and provide direction:

  • Help caring healthcare professionals reconnect with the reason that they chose healthcare careers: to make a difference in patients’ lives
  • Emerge from the retreat with a renewed sense of possibility and hope
  • Possess a focused action plan to implement the Monday following your weekend session with Dr. Cohn

How it works

You decide the issue(s) you want to cover; additional people you want to invite, if any; locale where you want your meeting to take place.

Dr. Cohn will work seamlessly with you and your administrative assistant to plan the weekend events, so that you and your organization derive the greatest benefit.  Possible topics include:

  • Engaging physicians to cut hospital costs
  • Finding field-tested alternatives to herding cats
  • Keeping the peace between employed and independent physicians
  • Planning for the end of fee-for-service medicine
  • Preventing crisis by building transparency and trust with your medical staff
  • Making sense of healthcare reform
  • Innovating despite uncertainty

This program is perfect for you if you:

  • have a passionate desire to serve your organization and your community
  • view change as an opportunity to invest for the future and differentiate your service
  • take a no-excuses approach to getting to the next level of successful achievement
  • admit that you do not have all the answers and seek guidance from an experienced healthcare professional who can provide you with the strategies you need to improve performance
  • are motivated, resourceful, and mission-directed
  • are willing to implement quickly and act, learn, and adapt
  • keep your promises to others and yourself
  • want to leave a lasting positive legacy
This program is not for people who:
  • view command-and-control as the only way to lead
  • do not want to change the way that they have always done business
  • divide and conquer
  • blame others
  • just want to get by, so that they can retire in a few years

What do I need to do to sign up?

Admission to this exclusive program is limited and occurs by telephone interview.

When you feel the need for urgent strategic solutions to complex healthcare issues,  please contact Dr. Cohn today.


The weekend you spend with Dr. Cohn will produce a focused action plan that you can implement immediately, or his consulting time is free, and you pay nothing but his travel expenses.

If your organization is like others, you may lose what he charges in only a week because of suboptimal engagement and performance. Starting with an intensive weekend retreat can help you prevent the next crisis and build virtuous rather than vicious cycles.

Dr. Cohn has worked in 43 states, traveling over 1,00,000 miles the last decade.  He understands the challenges you face and knows what approaches are working throughout the country.

Feeling the need to work smarter and more interdependently?
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