Physician-Hospital Relations Systems Course

You don’t need to leave town to learn how to engage physicians at your organization

Improving Physician-Hospital Relations Systems Course

Improving Physician-Hospital Relations Systems Course

In the regular option of Improving Physician-Hospital Relations: A Field-Tested System, you will learn proven, practical ways to work with healthcare professionals to improve clinical and financial outcomes at your organization.

In the premium option of Improving Physician-Hospital Relations: A Field-Tested System, you will get the System plus ten reviews of recently written healthcare books.  Use these reviews for quick access to the best thinking in the field.

ACHE category II continuing education credits are available for face-to-face educational programs in conjunction with this multi-media systems course.

Physician-Hospital Relations Systems Course Regular Option Premium Option
Compact discs, summaries, and slides by national experts on:
  • Engaging physicians
  • Improving OR throughput
  • Improving patient safety
  • Dealing with disruptive doctors
  • ED call-pay solutions
  • Physician recruiting and retention
  • Internet solutions
  • Toyota Production System
  • Proactive physician-hospital deals
  • Neutralizing physician competition
Bonuses: Book Reviews of
  • Inside the Physician’s Mind
  • Leading Healthcare Cultures
  • How Doctors Think
  • Creating Sustainable Physician-Hospital Strategies
  • What Top Healthcare Performing Organizations Know
  • Leadership for Smooth Patient Flow
  • Ten Powerful Ideas for Improving Patient Care, Book 4
  • The Primary Care Market Share
  • The Baptist Healthcare Journey to Excellence
  • The Executive’s Guide to Electronic Health Records
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Learning Objectives

Learn about cutting-edge topics that encompass physician-hospital collaboration today:

  • Engage physicians and nurses to improve the practice environment and patient care
  • Change your operating room culture to improve productivity and morale
  • Implement team training to improve communication and patient safety
  • Deal with disruptive doctors using 360 degree feedback that alters behavior
  • Develop collaborative solutions to Emergency Department call-pay
  • Optimize recruiting and retention for sustainable competitive advantage
  • Build virtual communities of practice using weblogs, for busy professionals with little time to attend meetings
  • Find out how the Toyota Production System empowers front-line employees to improve processes and patient care where you work
  • Use a 10-step checklist for proactive, successful physician-hospital deals
  • Employ a 6-step framework to deal with physician-hospital competition

Regardless of the size of your institution, collaborating effectively with your physicians will improve your ability to make a difference in the health of your community. Learn from Dr. Cohn and his team of national experts how to engage physicians, cultivate physician champions, neutralize or convert disruptive doctors, and improve clinical outcomes.
Tom Gagen, CEO Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento

What You Get

Regular Option – Buy Now »

  • Ten compact disc recordings of audio conferences, delivered by national experts, for busy professionals who want to use commuting time more effectively
  • Ten audio conference summaries for those who need critical information at their fingertips
  • Ten Powerpoint slide presentations for visual learners to improve mastery by listening and reading slides at the same time
  • Questions and answers to make the experience more interactive
  • Implementation checklists to translate concepts into practice
  • Suggested additional reading for those who want to learn more about individual topics
  • Presenter contact information for participants who want to interact directly with nationally recognized experts

Premium Option – Buy Now »

The Premium option includes the complete system of 10 audio conference recordings, summaries, Powerpoint slides, implementation checklists, and presenter contact information, plus reviews of ten recently written  healthcare books, like Inside the Physician’s Mind, What Top Performing Healthcare Organizations Know, and Leading Healthcare Cultures for only $337, plus $25 shipping and handling.  A $562 value, saving you $200 over the regular option.

Complimentary Audio Clip

Listen to the audio clip from the conference on recruiting and retention:
Listen to the audio clip (click on the little arrow)

Who should participate?

The senior administrative team can lead this effort: CEOs, COOs, CMOs, CNOs, working with administrators responsible for clinical departments and service lines. Leverage collaboration throughout your workplace by inviting your medical staff officers to participate.

Having worked closely with Ken for nearly a decade, I can attest to the value he adds to improving physician-hospital relations and helping us to transcend unproductive us-versus-them interactions. This field-tested system of audio conferences with national experts will prove invaluable for administrators at all levels who need to engage physicians in productive discussions of how to improve care for their communities in this rapidly changing healthcare marketplace. Thomas Crawford, MBA, FACHE, CEO, Springfield Hospital

Value to Your Organization

Think of the value to your organization when:

  • Your top doctors are engaged in continually improving care for your community and acting as champions for major efforts throughout your organization
  • You have an effective system to deal with disruptive doctors
  • You anticipate and overcome workforce shortages proactively using state-of-the-art recruitment and retention strategies

Ken is a practicing surgeon and masterful teacher, author, and consultant. He has been invaluable to us and is clearly passionate about improving physician-administrator collaboration. This self-study system is loaded with practical strategies for engaging practicing physicians. It is an essential guide for all physician leaders who feel caught in the middle between risk-averse administrators and disgruntled doctors. Robert Reid, M.D., Director of Medical Affairs, Cottage Health System, Santa Barbara

Money-Back Guarantee

I am passionate about collaboration because I have seen its benefits in improving care for our communities. Therefore, I am willing to offer a money-back guarantee to any organization that does not see an improvement in physician-hospital relations after implementing the ten modules in this field-tested system. Just contact me at; if I cannot help you solve your problem, I will refund your money.


Kenneth H. Cohn, MD, MBA, FACS is a nationally recognized practicing surgeon who has cared for patients over 15 years and is passionate about improving healthcare communication and collaboration:

  • Author of two books, Better Communication for Better Care: Mastering Physician-Administrator Collaboration and Collaborate for Success! Breakthrough Strategies for Engaging Physicians, Nurses, and Hospital Executives
  • Editor of The Business of Healthcare
  • CEO of, specializing in resolving physician-physician and physician-administration communication issues
  • Faculty member of the American College of Healthcare Executives, Estes Park Institute, Healthcare Roundtable, and New England College

Other faculty experts include:

  • Larry Harmon, clinical psychologist on the voluntary staff of the University of Miami, successfully treated over 115 disruptive physicians
  • Jack Barker, CEO of Mach One Leadership; implemented team training at hospitals throughout the US and taught at the annual meeting of the American College of Surgeons
  • Dr. Tom Oliver developed with Steve Worthy and Max Hockenberry the first known deferred compensation plan for ED call in the US
  • Kurt Scott cut physician turnover from 10% to less than 4% per year at Geisinger Health System
  • Dr. Robert Schott and Glenn Mohr pioneered the use of weblogs in physician-led clinical priority setting
  • David Sundahl, is an expert in the Toyota Production System adapted to healthcare

Experience the personal and professional growth that you desire in this vital area, that can boost revenues, cut expenses, and improve clinical outcomes by ordering today. If you think you don’t have enough time, leverage your team to complete a module each month and you can complete this program in less than a year.