Collaborative Pride

I entitled this post “Collaborative Pride” as a tribute to my mentor Tom Atchison who is teaching the online seminar Physician Alignment: Dos and Taboos, in which I have had the pleasure of participating. The third week focuses on his 2006 book, Leadership’s Deeper Dimensions, which encourages us to measure employee pride rather than satisfaction through a […]

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Collaborative Expertise

I entitled this post “Collaborative Expertise” in deference to Syd Finkelstein’s post entitled “The Problem with Relying on Experts.” Professor Finkelstein, who taught me strategy and mergers and acquisitions in the Tuck MBA program, has been the source of many good ideas since I met him in 1996. He makes the point that although we […]

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Collaborative Learning: Ebola

I entitled this post Collaborative Learning: Ebola because I empathize with the Presbyterian Hospital ED physician who sent patient Thomas Eric Duncan home initially. Unfortunately, this is how we learn to take a better history, do a more complete physical exam, and improve our diagnostic accuracy, by making mistakes, owning up to our shortcomings, and resolving […]

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Collaborative Metrics

I entitled this post “Collaborative Metrics,” because, during my ACHE seminar, Practical Strategies for Engaging Physicians, a healthcare executive said, “If we convert from fee-for-service too soon, we stand to lose millions of dollars. Help us figure out when to flip the switch.” Not feeling that I had the wisdom to be a market timer, […]

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Collaborative Gretzky

I entitled this blog post “Collaborative Gretzky” because of an inspiring post from Lindsey Dunn at Becker’s Hospital Review. As she wrote, timing the transition from fee-for-service to a new model misses the point, quoting Ken Kaufman. Gretzky became famous by skating to where the puck will be rather than where it has been: As I am […]

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Collaborative Communication

I smile that I am writing about collaborative communication because in residency, if someone had predicted that I would be teaching physicians about leadership development, especially relationships, team-building, and communication, I would have answered, “Sorry God, you have the wrong actor.” Yet, I had a wonderful time last week with physicians and their COO, talking […]

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Collaborative Succession

Collaborative Succession represents the first time that I have written about a person in the news on the basis of one news article, but there was something in Owen Covington’s “What the new Moses Cone chief will focus on as he prepares to lead the hospital,” that drew me in and stimulated me to write […]

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Collaborative Mindfulness

I entitled this post Collaborative Mindfulness because I believe that mindfulness is an under-appreciated approach to improving healthcare collaboration. Mindfulness derives from the 14th Century word mindeful, which means attentive, aware, and careful. The Relevance of Collaborative Mindfulness to Healthcare Safety Yesterday, Dr. Setu Vora exposed the myth of multitasking, which he said is really task switching, with […]

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Collaborative Burnout

I entitle this post Collaborative Burnout because a conversation with a Chief Nursing Officer two days ago sticks in my consciousness. She was concerned that a bright, talented, promising young physician leader is in danger of burnout. She confessed that seeing a surgical resident cowering under a scrub sink when she was OR manager changed her […]

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