Collaborative Reality

Recently, Jeff Goldsmith commented in H&HN Daily that physicians and hospital executives are like Mars and Venus, alluding to John Gray’s book about differences between men and women. Collaborative Reality: Where We Agree I agree with his points that in general we physicians are:  competitive and empirical caring about the people and families we care […]

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Collaborative Innovation: Book Review

I titled this post Collaborative Innovation because recently I was asked to review Dr. David Lawrence’s new book, Best Care, Best Future: A Guide for Healthcare Leaders, which I recommend to all leaders who want to improve care outcomes and prepare their organization for an uncertain future. I will be teaching a three-hour seminar on […]

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Collaborative News

I entitled this post “Collaborative News” because of two articles that caught my attention. Collaborative News: How Not to Cut Health Care Costs This article by Harvard Business School faculty Robert S. Kaplan and Derek A. Haas (Harvard Business Review November 2014, Reprint R1411G) draws attention to missteps that add to the cost of treatment: Cutting back […]

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Collaborative Aim

I entitled this post “Collaborative Aim” after reading Dike Drummond’s post, Physician Burnout and Healthcare’s New Quadruple Aim. The essence of the article is that the authors felt that the triple aim of cutting costs, improving the patient experience, and improving population health was inadequate because it neglected optimizing the workforce environment for caregivers as well […]

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Collaborative Pride

I entitled this post “Collaborative Pride” as a tribute to my mentor Tom Atchison who is teaching the online seminar Physician Alignment: Dos and Taboos, in which I have had the pleasure of participating. The third week focuses on his 2006 book, Leadership’s Deeper Dimensions, which encourages us to measure employee pride rather than satisfaction through a […]

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Collaborative Expertise

I entitled this post “Collaborative Expertise” in deference to Syd Finkelstein’s post entitled “The Problem with Relying on Experts.” Professor Finkelstein, who taught me strategy and mergers and acquisitions in the Tuck MBA program, has been the source of many good ideas since I met him in 1996. He makes the point that although we […]

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Collaborative Learning: Ebola

I entitled this post Collaborative Learning: Ebola because I empathize with the Presbyterian Hospital ED physician who sent patient Thomas Eric Duncan home initially. Unfortunately, this is how we learn to take a better history, do a more complete physical exam, and improve our diagnostic accuracy, by making mistakes, owning up to our shortcomings, and resolving […]

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Collaborative Metrics

I entitled this post “Collaborative Metrics,” because, during my ACHE seminar, Practical Strategies for Engaging Physicians, a healthcare executive said, “If we convert from fee-for-service too soon, we stand to lose millions of dollars. Help us figure out when to flip the switch.” Not feeling that I had the wisdom to be a market timer, […]

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