About Dr. Kenneth Cohn and Healthcare Collaboration

Dr. Cohn is a board-certified general surgeon and the CEO of Healthcare Collaboration, where he works with disgruntled doctors and healthcare leaders to improve clinical and financial performance.

Watch a short video on the Mission/Vision of Healthcare Collaboration.


Mission of Healthcare Collaboration

To serve the needs of dedicated healthcare professionals who want to work more interdependently to improve clinical and financial performance.

Our Vision

To be the go-to organization that stands out in the minds of physicians, healthcare leaders, nurses, and board members who want to collaborate to improve care for their communities.

Our Values

  • Service: as measured by exceeding client expectations and producing delight with the outcomes of our interactions that solve complex problems
  • Integrity: as measured by promises made are promises kept and that data provided are true and kept confidential
  • Passion: as measured by intensity of energy, spirit, and commitment to achieve outstanding, transformative results
  • Creativity and innovation: as measured by willingness to examine and challenge limiting assumptions in a prudent manner that supports people’s self-esteem and builds on their desire to improve the practice environment where they work and to leave a lasting legacy
  • Humor: as measured by a fluid perspective that takes the work more seriously than ourselves

Dr. Cohn is a general surgeon/MBA who speaks, consults, writes, and teaches about physician-hospital relations. He has facilitated improvement efforts at community hospitals in the Yale, Banner Colorado, Santa Barbara Cottage, and Sutter Sacramento Health systems. He is also on the teaching faculty of the American College of Healthcare Executives, Estes Park Institute, Healthcare Roundtable, Governance Institute, and New England College.

Dr. Cohn obtained the M.D. degree from Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons Medical School, completed residency at the Harvard-Deaconess Surgical Service, and performed fellowships in endocrine and oncologic surgery at the Karolinska Hospital and at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, respectively. He was Assistant Professor of Surgery at SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn and later moved to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center as Associate Professor of Surgery and Chief of Surgical Oncology at the VA Hospital at White River Junction.

With the change in the medical economic climate, he entered the MBA program of the Tuck School at Dartmouth and graduated June 1998. He worked initially as a consultant at Health Advances, assisting 6 firms to commercialize new products.

After joining the Cambridge Management Group in 1999, he led change-management initiatives for physicians at affiliated hospitals within the Yale New Haven, Banner Colorado, Cottage Santa Barbara, and Sutter Sacramento Health Systems. In 2006, Dr. Cohn founded HealthcareCollaboration.com to help healthcare professionals improve care for their communities by working together more interdependently, which has been his passion for the past decade.

He has been mentoring physicians in leadership development since 1999, finding that physicians enjoy learning from fellow practicing physicians.

His writing experience includes over 45 published articles in peer-reviewed medical journals and 2 books, Better Communication for Better Care: Mastering Physician-Administration Collaboration,  and Collaborate for Success! Breakthrough Strategies for Engaging Physicians, Nurses, and Hospital Executives, published by Health Administration Press in 2005 and 2006, respectively.  He co-edited a three-volume set, entitled The Business of Healthcare, published by Greenwood Press in 2008.  His latest edited book is Getting It Done: Experienced Healthcare Leaders Reveal Field-Tested Strategies for Clinical and Financial Success, published by Health Administration Press June 2011.

His article, “The Tectonic Plates Are Shifting: Cultural Change vs. Mural Dyslexia,” won the Dean Conley Award in 2009 from the American College of Healthcare Executives for the best article in a healthcare management publication.


Dr. Cohn:

  • Leverages his clinical and administrative experience to help physicians and administrators engage each other in productive dialogue and work more interdependently to improve care for their communities
  • Helps physicians and administrators benefit from an improved practice environment, including  better time management and improved clinical and financial outcomes
  • Creates a safe environment for reflection and learning
  • Fosters sustainable change by building long-term relationships among healthcare professionals

Board-Certified General Surgeon

Dr. Cohn is a Harvard-trained, board-certified general surgeon who maintains active licenses in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. He was recertified in general surgery by the American Board of Surgery January 2006. Prior to obtaining his MBA, he was Associate Professor of Surgery at Dartmouth and Chief of Surgical Oncology at the VA at White River Junction, VT. He helps busy general surgeons, worn down by frequent night and weekend coverage, by working seamlessly in a variety of settings, giving surgeons a break from the grind and an opportunity to spend quality time with their families.

Dr. Cohn’s medical training provides the clinical credibility to work with physicians on coaching and leadership development. Physicians enjoy learning from fellow physicians and listen receptively to concepts that hospital executives may have tried to promote in the past when explained in language that resonates with fellow physicians:

Dr. Kenneth H. Cohn has provided locum tenens general surgery coverage at my hospital since 2001. Ken helped us out tremendously when one of our general surgeons left, and it took several years to recruit another. His coverage allowed the two remaining surgeons to have a break from every other night coverage and to take family vacations knowing that their patients would be covered. Everyone who worked with Ken enjoyed his company and valued his surgical judgment and operative skill. He was such a favorite of nurses, physicians, and administrators that we offered him a full-time position at our hospital.

We also appreciated Ken’s insights into physician engagement and leadership. Ken helped us start a process to improve our efforts in this regard, which has begun to pay off for us.
Glenn Cordner, Chief Executive Officer, Springfield Hospital

Graduate Teaching

Dr. Cohn has taught Managerial Economics in the Health Care Sector since 2003 to students in the MHA program at New England College, where he is an Adjunct Professor of Management. He helps students become familiar with basic concepts of economics, including supply and demand, elasticity, subsidies, and externalities, applying the concepts to the healthcare industry, constructing a timeline of economic developments affecting healthcare over the past century and giving students a unique perspective on current issues. Using his medical background, he discusses the economic implications of physician-hospital relations from the standpoint of a practicing physician.

“It was obvious that Ken wanted his students to learn and would take time on a particular topic until it was understood. He showed dedication, and had a genuine caring attitude. Assignments and deadlines were made clear, and comments and recommendations were made to help improve on future assignments.The healthcare industry has been faced with many challenges including physician and nurse shortages, decreased reimbursement, and vertically integrated services.  Ken taught the class in a way in which theory was incorporated with every-day practice. This type of teaching method is useful to me even today as it helps when making effective management decisions for the organization.” – Deb Pilling, Finance Manager, Lakes Regional General Hospital Healthcare


When not speaking, consulting, or teaching, Dr. Cohn lives on the North Shore of Massachusetts.