The Legacy of Healthcare Collaboration

In Memoriam

In the spirit of unity we dedicate this website to the life and legacy of Dr. Kenneth H. Cohn who passed away June 24, 2015.

Kens books, articles, research, videos and information will continue to appear on this site to extend the message of healthcare collaboration to his community.


Dr. Cohn’s passion has been helping physicians, hospital executives, nurses, and board members to work more interdependently. He experienced fulfillment in seeing skeptical physicians act like owners to improve care for their communities.

Ken helped hospital executives become more comfortable with clinical issues, allowing them to ask patient-related questions without fear of ignorance or embarrassment.

Over the years Ken realized that physicians enjoy learning from fellow physicians, as he helped scores of physicians learn techniques of active listening, win-win negotiation, and conflict resolution historically not approached in medical school, residency, or fellowship.

We hope that you enjoyed Dr. Ken Cohn’s seminars, speaker events, books, articles and mentoring projects over the years. We thank you for your business, support, leadership and colleagueship. May the empowering message of functional collaboration spread throughout your entire healthcare organization, community and world.

Please enjoy this website as a reference for the legacy of Healthcare Collaboration.

Reap the Rewards of Healthcare Collaboration
via Physician Engagement at Your Organization

The benefits of improved healthcare communication and collaboration

Healthcare professionals are experiencing declining revenues despite continuing pressure to cut costs and improve quality, safety, and service. Healthcare Collaboration works with hospital leaders to engage physicians to work more inter-dependently to improve clinical and financial performance.

Do you want to:

  • Move forward with clinical integration despite political uncertainty?
  • Increase revenues by keeping patients within your organization?
  • Lower expenses by decreasing spending on drugs and devices?
  • Benefit from a better practice environment that results in improved recruiting and retention?
  • Enhance teamwork to produce a virtuous cycle of improved clinical and financial outcomes?

Collaboration can transform your culture from the ground up. Healthcare Collaboration makes it possible for your dedicated professionals to reconnect with the values that attracted them to healthcare in the first place. Collaboration is healthcare’s low-hanging fruit. Harvest it today.

Are you frustrated that what worked for you in the past no longer achieves your goals?

  • Are suboptimal hospital-physician relations hurting your bottom line and affecting your clinical outcomes?
  • Are physicians and administrators at your institution talking at each other rather than communicating with one another?
  • Is it difficult to engage the right people to show up at and participate in your meetings?

How Dr. Cohn works

Consulting: Dr. Cohn can help your providers work more interdependently, as seen below:

Dr. Kenneth Cohn worked with five change-challenged groups of physicians to improve communication within their sections and come to consensus on a vision for the future. Ken’s grounding in clinical surgery, which he maintains by providing locum tenens coverage in New England, allowed him to build trust and credibility rapidly. He used humor effectively to decrease tension and to maintain perspective and accomplished things that none of us would have thought possible.

Dr. Michael Peetz
Director of Medical Affairs
North Colorado Medical Center

Ken earned the respect of hospital leaders and physicians for his understanding of business processes and his outstanding ability to communicate. In part, his success is due to his years as a clinician, which gives him a knowledgeable, genuine physician perspective. The service he provided went far beyond the scope of the project. For example, he mentored a section chief and obtained for him profit and loss figures that the section chief had never seen before. He was instrumental in helping that section chief craft a bold, far reaching presentation. He consistently reached out to the other presenters and provided them with invaluable assistance. Ken’s understanding of the problems facing hospitals and physicians in these challenging times is outstanding. He continually offers succinct, timely advice and brilliant insight. I recommend hiring him because he has done an outstanding job for us on this crucial project.

Michael Ivy, M.D.
Chief of the Surgical ICU
Bridgeport Hospital

Dr. Cohn was instrumental in a successful medical staff planning process at Cottage Hospital in 2003. He gained the trust of the physicians very early on and helped them establish important clinical priorities for our hospital.

Ron Werft, President and CEO
Santa Barbara Cottage Health System

In return for giving practicing physicians a say in clinical priority setting, hospital executives are able to engage physicians to improve care for their communities.

Speaking and Retreat Facilitation: Dr. Cohn brings together physicians, administrators, and Board members in an entertaining manner, as seen below:

Thanks very much for facilitating our Leadership Retreat. Comments from our participants included: “Excellent presentation. By far, the best we’ve had in years; very powerful to have a doctor with such great presentation skills; bring Ken back to speak again.” Most importantly, you connected very well with our physicians and Board members both on and off the stage. In this decade of transformation, you gave our physicians hope and helped us convey that we need to work together proactively to improve care for our community.

John T. Gribbin, FACHE
President and CEO, Centra State Healthcare System

The audience commented on how your suggestions were so practical and easy to apply to any practice setting. You provided great examples on how to communicate with physicians and how to align organizational goals with their practice. You have exceeded my expectations! I would recommend you to any professional group considering you as a keynote speaker.

Jill Berger-Fiffy, MHA, CMPE, Program Chairperson
Northern New England MGMA

I really enjoyed the recent ACHE seminar Practical Strategies for Engaging Physicians, which has jump-started me in many ways, starting with rounding with each staff doctor. It has already paid dividends. Sometimes the simplest, most common-sense behaviors are the ones we forget!

Michelle Rumbaut, COO
Guadalupe Regional Medical Center

Thanks very much for facilitating our medical staff-board-hospital leadership retreat on improving physician engagement. With the looming reimbursement changes, effective medical staff engagement is a critical success factor. As a result of your work with us, we now have a working definition of engagement and a clear next-steps list to move forward. I thought that the retreat went great!

Dr. Dale Carroll, SVP for Clinical Effectiveness
Rockingham Memorial Hospital